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IOM Weather Stations

Castletown weather station is situated at the end of the breakwater by the lighthouse.

Castletown Breakwater >>> Live Data <<<

Peel Weather Station is situated in Peel on the west of the Island. With the prevailing wind in the Island coming from the south west, the weather station at Peel can give and idea of what to expect throughout the rest of the Island. Further more the weather station allows mariners to keep up to date on harbour conditions, and the locals to keep tabs on whether its ice cream weather!

The weather station is housed on the side of the security hut half way down the breakwater as can be seen in the photo above.

Peel Breakwater >>> Live Data <<<

The King Edward Pier on its northern side provides a docking station for Isle of Man Steam Packet Boats; foot passengers access this side of the harbour via the elevated walkway. On the south, the pier forms the mouth of the River Douglas, and the opening to the Harbour area, which boats can access below the Douglas lifting bridge. This station allows mariners to gain essential information about the harbour entry conditions. This pier is one of the few monuments which commemorate the short reign of King Edward VIII.

The weather station at this site is located at the end of the Pier on the 'blockhouse' .

Douglas, Edward Pier >>> Live Data <<<

Laxey weather station                                           

Laxey >>> Live Data <<<

Port St Mary Weather station is located at the end of Port St Mary Breakwater.

Port St Mary >>> Live Data <<<

Ramsey Weather Station is located on a structure called Ramsey Dolphin at the end of the Queen's Pier in Ramsey Bay.

Ramsey >>> Live Data <<<

Whilst the weather stations have not been put in place to provide definitive weather information, they are used on a daily basis throughout the Department. A variety of information is collected throughout every 24 hour period, relating to temperature, wind, humidity, pressure and precipitation. Such information will be used in providing the Island weather forecast along with any appropriate road warnings.

Not only have the weather stations been placed to provide the Department with essential information, but also as a tool to be used by the public.

Their are also positioned web cams throughout the Island in order to give a visual impression of conditions.

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Weather stations are situated at strategic points throughout the Island.

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Weather Stations

Work commenced on creating a Douglas Breakwater in 1862, however the breakwater we see today was completed in 1983. Douglas Breakwater forms the entrance to the harbour area and provides essential (and the initial part of) shelter for incoming vessels. As conditions in the harbour vary within a small area, a network of weather stations is to be developed to give harbour users as much information as possible regarding harbour conditions.

The weather station at this site is located at the end of the breakwater, as displayed in the photo above

Douglas Breakwater >>> Live Data <<<